Jupyter Notebooks

Here are some notebooks. Here is a nice introduction to Jupyter Notebooks. While you can download and run the notebooks on your local computer, you may find it more convenient to run them on Google Colaboratory. To do so, click on the Open in Colab badge on the given notebook page. This option does require you to have a Google Account.

Many of the notebooks run on Binder as well.

Nuclear Astrophysics.


Mainline Stellar Nucleosynthesis. This notebook explores mainline stellar nucleosynthesis nucleosynthesis in simple constant temperature and density models.

Simple s-Process Nucleosynthesis. This notebook explores s-process nucleosynthesis in constant neutron-number density models.

NRLEE Nucleosynthesis. This notebook explores NRLEE nucleosynthesis.

(n,gamma)-(gamma,n) equilibrium. (n,gamma)-(gamma,n) equilibrium is an important phase of r-process nucleosynthesis. This notebook studies that phase in some detail.

ww95. This notebook explores the Woosley and Weaver (1995) stellar yields from massive stars.

Isomer Intuition. This notebook explores the evolution of a long-lived nuclear isomer interacting with its ground state in temperature varying environments.

Stellar Structure

Lane Emden Equation. This notebook explores solutions to the Lane-Emden equation and applications to physical polytropes.

Newton-Raphson. This notebook demonstrates the use of the Newton-Raphson technique to solve coupled differential equations that occur, for example, in solving for models of stellar structure.

Webnucleo XML

Webnucleo XML. This project includes a set of notebooks that allow users to convert their own data into XML files appropriate for Webnucleo projects.

Plot reaction XML. This notebook allows users to plot webnucleo XML reaction data.

Trim nuclear network XML by solar. This notebook allows users to trim a webnucleo nuclear reaction network relative to the naturally-occurring isotopes.

Neutron-capture cross sections. This notebook allows users to compute neutron-capture cross sections from Webnucleo XML network data for selected sets of nuclei at a given temperature.